Outlook 2003

Tips for dealing with Junk Mail

Junk Mail – its the mail we don’t want to receive from people we may or may not know. We suggest different strategies for dealing with junk mail, depending upon who is the sender. If you don’t know the Sender……

Use good email etiquette to enhance your profile

Many years ago, when emails were introduced, Microsoft had a proviso that appeared when you used the Read Receipt option which effectively said: “Just because an email is sent doesn’t mean it’s read and, just because it has been read…

Why use the Bcc field?

Using the Bcc field in Outlook

I’m tired of receiving emails from contacts where which one recipient hits Reply All to the message – when the original message is a joke its annoying. In an attempt to stop it, I sent an email to my contacts asking anyone who sends multiple addressee emails to put my name in the Bcc Field. The response was interesting – many people didn’t know what the Bcc field was!

Tailor the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is located in the top right corner of your application window. Depending upon your settings, it can be positioned in the Title Bar or below the Ribbon Bar. The QAT is used to store command…