Outlook 2007

How to add button to Quick Access Toolbar


There are at least three different ways to add a button to the Quick Access Bar (QAB). Right-click over a command button Through QAB dropdown menu Through Options dialog box The following notes outline the different methods. Right-click over a…

Turn off default Calendar Reminders


Do you really need a 15 minute reminder on all appointments, meetings & events? This is the default setting for Outlook. 15 minutes before any calendar event a reminder pops up. If reminders are driving you nuts, you can turn…

Start your day focused on your Calendar (not your Inbox)

If you start Outlook looking at your Inbox, chances are you will start your day responding to emails. Why not try starting Outlook looking at your Calendar – that way you can start you day by planning planning your day – and deal with emails when you decide to.