Word 2010

The Ribbon Bar Explained

Long gone are Office 2003 menu bar and toolbars – from Office 2007 onwards, all replaced with the Ribbon Bar. In the simplest form the ribbon bar is made up of Tabs containing groups of tool buttons and commands. There…

Different Header or Footer on first page


Sometimes when you create a document you want a different header or footer on the first page. For example, if you have a special cover page you may not want the page numbering to start until page two. To create…

Headers & Footers explained

Headers & Footers formally known as “Running Headers & Footers” are separate text areas at the top and bottom of a document page. Headers & Footers are used to insert document information, which must be repeated on each page, but…

Access Headers & Footers


Headers & Footers are the text that appears at the very top and very bottom of a page. You often see Headers at the top of each page in a book or report, and you usually see page numbers, or…

Organise shapes & diagrams using Drawing Canvas

Do you have problems with shapes or images jumping all around the screen? Do you want to control their position and ensure they stay in one spot – the right spot? If the answer to these questions is yes, you need to know about the Drawing Canvas.

New “improved” Normal style

Have you ever bought a bottle of ketchup with a “new improved recipe” only to be disappointed with the flavour? Well it’s a bit like that with Normal style in Word 2007 and Word 2010.