Tips for dealing with Junk Mail

Junk Mail – its the mail we don’t want to receive from people we may or may not know.

We suggest different strategies for dealing with junk mail, depending upon who is the sender.

If you don’t know the Sender…

If you don’t know the sender, do not respond to the message.

The reason for not responding is because, by responding, you are confirming to the sender you are a real person – which means you become a bigger target.

Mark the message as junk, any other messages from this sender will automatically be directed to your Junk Mail folder.

To mark Mail as Junk

1| Select (click on) the message

2| Right mouse click over the message. A floating menu appears.

3| Select Junk E-Mail, then Add Sender to Blocked Senders List.


4 | The sender is added to the Junk Mail list and future messages will be directed into the June Mail folder.


Australian Emails

By law, emails send from Australian companies must include an option to Unsubscribe.
Use this option to remove yourself from the mailing list.