Calendar Settings

So many users never look at their calendar settings – this isn’t a big deal, but there are a few settings that will fine tune your Outlook experience, particularly if you work part time or only certain days in a week.

Access Calendar settings

1| Select File tab.

2| From the menu select Options. The Options dialog box displays.

3| From the menu on the left, select Calendar.

Specify your working week

At the top of the dialog box is the Work time section which contains your working hours, this is where you specify the time you start/end your day; which days in the week you work; first day of the week; and, first day of the year.

Why is this important? If your colleagues schedule meetings using Outlook, by clearly specifying your working hours you can restrict when they can schedule meetings. For example, you may start work every day at 7.30am, but you may not want to accept meetings at that time. Specify the hours you work and are willing to attend meetings.


Set Calendar options

Calendar options allow you to control:

  • Default meeting reminders – when they are (if you want them)
  • Meeting scheduling – what others can do in your calendar
  • Add your country’s holidays

Plus other options… just look at the dialog box for the details. We recommend you

  1. Turn off Default reminders – set reminders on appointments when you want them, don’t use a one-size-fits-all option provide by Outlook
  2. Allow attendees to propose new times for meetings – if this works in your organisation, select this option


Time Zones

I once met a Managing Director who had come to Australia to manage large finance company, he couldn’t work out why when he scheduled a meeting in Outlook for 8am in Sydney it appeared as 6pm in his manager’s calendars – they weren’t that happy either because they all thought their new boss was expecting them for evening meetings! It turned out his laptop was still on Toronto time zone…

If you need to change your time zone, this is where it is done:


Once you have made any Calendar setup changes, click OK to save them and close the dialog box.