Three new features in Outlook 2013 (good ones)

We have been using Outlook 2013 for a while now and recently had an office vote on the three best new features that work for us. Here they are:

Attachment Reminder (Doh!)

How many times have sent and email and forgotten to include the attachment? Outlook 2013 has a new feature to detect if an attachment has been forgotten and prompts the users.

Users can turn off the Attachment Reminder by selecting Don’t show this message again in the Attachment Reminder dialog box or by going to File, Options, Mail and under Send messages, selecting Warn me when I send a message that may be missing an attachment.

One click Unread Mail Filter

This is not a feature for people who keep their inbox empty… but, if you often have a backlog of emails and just want to see unread mail, a new tab at the top of the Outlook 2013 Inbox allows you to switch between All mail and an Unread mail filter.


Reply to Mail from within the Reading Pane

Now you can reply to emails from within the Reading Pane – just click Reply (or Reply All) and the Reading Pane switches into editing mode. You can switch to normal editing mode by clicking on the Pop Out button, and delete your response by selecting Discard.


Tip! If you do not like this in-line composition method, you can modify Outlook settings to always pop out email replies by modifying settings. Select File menu, Options, select Mail from the list on the left, scroll down and locate the Replies and forwards section, enable the option Open replies and forwards in a new window. Click OK to save settings.