Convert formulas into values using Paste as Values

XL03Icon.pngWhilst Excel functions allows you to manipulate data in many ways, one of the problems with this is that a function is only a function – it’s not real. This means, when you remove the original data the function is based on you are left with a function with nothing to work with – often a blank cell.

An important step when manipulating data is therefore converting functions back to real values. This is done through the Paste Special dialog box using Paste as Values.


Convert functions to values

  1. Select the cells containing the values you want to convert.
  2. Copy the values.
  3. Reposition the cursor if you want to paste the information somewhere else (but you can paste directly on top).
  4. From the Edit menu select Paste Special. The Paste Special dialog box displays.
  5. Select the Values radio button.
  6. Click OK. The values are pasted.

Note ref: X03101